Where's Your Tongue?

Where's Your Tongue?

By Renata Nehme, RDH, BSDH, COM®

Certified Orofacial Myologist

Most people keep their tongue low inside their mouth, but did you know that your tongue actually has an ideal position?

That's right! Your tongue is supposed to stay lightly suctioned to the roof of your mouth - all day and all night!

The pressure of your tongue on your palate will:

  1. Help develop your mouth and nose - pressure builds bone!
  2. Protect your airway - preventing your tongue from falling back and obstructing your airway while you sleep.
  3. Make sure you're a nasal breather! Try it with me: Suction your tongue and open your mouth - now try to take a deep breath in through your mouth - You simply can't!

    The benefits of nasal breathing are endless - it increases oxygen uptake, decreases anxiety, improves cognitive function, improves sleep, decreases heart rate and blood pressure, etc.

    So now I ask you again: Where's Your Tongue?

    The right answer is UP : )