Dr. Rhonda Patrick and Joe Rogan Discuss Xylitol Gum Chewing

“I've never seen this before, but your cavities are gone.”

After going to the dentist a few years ago, the dentist told Dr. Rhonda she has two cavities that are “at the point of no return.” 

But Dr. Rhonda, having a Ph.D. in biomedical science, wanted to do some research before getting the two fillings. 

She came across xylitol. She found many studies that support how xylitol kills the anaerobic bacteria that cause cavities and dental decay, but does not affect any of the good bacteria in the mouth.

She also found multiple studies that showed when pregnant women chew xylitol gum, it had a positive effect on their child's oral microbiome!

So what did she do? Chew tons of xylitol gum! A year goes by, and she goes back to the dentist. After getting more x-rays done, the dentist comes in and says, “I've never seen this before, but your cavities are gone.”

The only thing she could think of was her obsessive xylitol gum chewing. So yep, the xylitol gum improved her microbiome in her mouth, naturally reversing her cavities!

It is important to note - xylitol is not a cure for cavities. It is recommended to see a Dental Hygienist / Dentist at least twice a year, but xylitol can help keep your mouth healthy, and can even reverse early stage cavities.