Straight Teeth - Why They're Important For More Than Just Beauty

Straight Teeth aren't just for smiling purrty.

There are actual oral health benefits to getting your teeth in line. 
Let's hear it from Dr. Avi Patel (@doctor.avi), a dentist who specializes in offering and teaching other dentists how to do Clear Aligners including Invisalign.
"Did you know that having straight teeth will decrease your likelihood of gum disease, cavities and worn down teeth?"
"Straight teeth are less prone to plaque buildup. If you have crowded teeth - think about how much gunk gets stuck in between the cracks!"
"Straight teeth are also MUCH easier to keep clean (think about how hard it is to properly floss between crowded teeth)"
"When you have food getting caught and stuck between your teeth - this creates a PERFECT environment for bacteria to swarm to the area and set up shop to start eating the food and excreting acid onto your teeth. This is how cavities are formed."
So how can your dentist help?
"Ask your general dentist if you can begin Clear Aligner therapy! If your general dentist is not trained to offer Clear Aligners - ask for a referral to the orthodontist!"
"But whatever you do, do NOT use a do-it-yourself clear aligner brand. These can be very dangerous and cause irreversible damage to your teeth. I see it all the time."
"Invest in yourself and get treatment done by a trusted professional."
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