Reducing Mouth Acids and Balancing PH

Was your mouth recently at Woodstock? Because it's tripping on acid

 Remember the PH Scale from 10th grade chemistry?
🤓Lower PH = Acidic
🤓Higher PH = Basic/Alkaline
Here's a cool chart... cuz pictures are awesome:
Premium Vector | Ph scale chart, alkaline and acidic nutrition measure  meter, vector chemistry science. ph indicators for acid and alkaline or  neutral balance and chemical solutions values in food nutrition
A healthy mouth has a neutral PH - usually between 6.2 to 7.6. But keeping it within that sweet spot takes some work.
Many foods are high in acid (coffee, soda, seltzer, sauces and most fruits), and they bring your PH levels down. 
But even if you eat foods that are low in acid, they can still lead to an acidic PH.
Let's hear it from Dr. Britany Baker, probably the most loveable dentist you'll ever meet (seriously... check out her IG here)
"If I could give one piece of oral health advice, it would be to be aware of acid!!! After you eat, debris is left in your mouth and bacteria feed on that debris. The bacteria then produce acidic waste 😱.
The acidic waste produced by bacteria is what causes cavities and other dental problems!"
Oral health is largely about habits. An EASY habit you can implement is swishing with water after you eat to remove the debris, OR chewing sugar-free xylitol gum (*cough cough* such as Happy ppl)!
Sugar-free gum will stimulate your salivary glands! An increased amount of saliva will wash away the acids from your mouth and return it back to a non-acidic state!
And the xylitol in Happy ppl gum will also stop bad bacteria from reproducing, lowering the amount of bad bacteria in your mouth!
Balancing your mouth-acids can up your oral health game more than you think." 
So please...listen to Dr. Baker, and stop the acid trip in its tracks. 
And follow her here. Seriously. You're going to love her.