How Natural Chicle Gum is Made

Not gonna lie. We've been chain-chewing tree sap. 

The truth is, so was everyone before the 1960's, when all gum was made the natural way. 
Then big gum decided it would be WAY cheaper to produce if they replaced the natural gum base with lab-made plastic and rubber.
True story. 
But our gum is made the old fashioned way. Here's how it's done. 
Chicle - North Stann Creek Valley
South-American chicle farmers, or "Chicleros", use age-old traditions that have been around since the time of the Mayans and Aztecs. 
They climb the Sapodilla tree and slash away at the bark with a machete.
Chicle gum makes renaissance in Australia
The tree then secretes a white fluid to repair itself, which is collected in a bucket. It doesn't harm the tree, and is totally regenerative. 
Bonsaï, le chewing-gum naturel, garanti sans plastique !
The bucket is brought back to basecamp where it's then boiled until it reaches optimal thickness.   
lection: chicle
Then it's shipped off to the gum manufacturer, where it looks like this:
Then flavors, xylitol and other ingredients are added to make it taste incredible. 
Pretty cool, huh?
When you order gum from Happy ppl, you get the natural stuff. It's traveled far and wide to get to your mouth, where it'll find a (temporary) home. 
It can't wait to meet you!