Coffee and Your Teeth: A Love/Hate Story

Coffee is great if you want a jolt or, you know, brown teeth. 

Coffee does a lot of things.
It gives you energy after a night of partying and/or changing diapers. 
It provides a ritual comfort when you're craving it. 
It stains the living hell out of your teeth.
Wait, what?
Yup, you heard us right. 
Let's hear it from the mouth of Dr. Amanda Hoffmeister, DDS:
"Coffee contains tannins that can stain teeth. Coffee is also acidic and can damage your enamel. For example, a Starbucks medium roast has a pH of 5.11 (your mouth should have a pH of about 7.0)"
The mouth-perils of coffee don't stop there.
"Adding milk and sugar to your coffee will increase the plaque accumulation from drinking coffee. For example, a grande Starbucks vanilla latte has 35 grams of sugar! (7 teaspoons)"
So what is a coffee addict (and let's be honest, most of us are) to do?
Here are some tips from Amanda:
💜 Drink water after your cup of coffee.
💜 Enjoy your coffee in one sitting (about 30 minutes) instead of sipping on it
💜Brush 30-45 minutes after consuming your coffee.
💜Visit your dentist regularly for teeth cleanings.
💜Try to choose a coffee that's low on acid. They're easy to find on Amazon.. 
OK cool. We're gonna go brew a pot. Then take care of our mouths.